3 reasons to use a mortgage broker

Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

As Fort MacLeod mortgage professionals who have been helping people in the city and its surrounding areas find the perfect mortgage for years, our team is constantly asked numerous questions.

Questions regarding what exactly we do as mortgage brokers, how we differ from a direct lender and how much a broker costs are all concerns we see on a frequent basis.

To help answer some of these questions and ease your mind when faced with the decision of whether to work with a mortgage broker, we’ve compiled a short list of three reasons why you should use a broker when it’s time to get a mortgage.

More Options

At Mortgage Worx Inc. – The Mortgage Centre, we have access to more than 30 of the nation’s top lenders in which we use to find you the best rate.

This means that we can talk to different lenders to see what they can offer you. We negotiate with these lenders on behalf of you to find the lowest rates we can. On the other hand, banks normally just have a couple of options for clients as they can only offer what that specific bank carries.

Using a broker and shopping through the network of lenders that we have relationships with, our team will provide you with increased options so you can ultimately get the mortgage package that best fits your unique situation. These lenders will battle for your mortgage, and this is something we use to our advantage to get you a lower rate!

Save Time and Money

Working with a Fort MacLeod mortgage broker like one from Mortgage Worx can save you and your family a considerable amount of time and money. A broker is an intermediary between you and the lender, saving you valuable time that you may otherwise have had to spend shopping yourself around to different lenders. A broker is essentially a one-stop shop for your mortgage needs.

A broker can also potentially save you thousands of dollars by negotiating lower rates with lenders, something that may not be possible if you were to approach a lender on your own.

Brokers Work For You

Finally, mortgage brokers work for you! Our team is not employed by the banks or any other lender. In fact, all our advice and recommendations we make are done with all of your best interests in mind.

Additionally, a broker’s service is generally free to you! When a lender agrees to take on your mortgage, that lender will compensate the broker that helped you. This is extremely beneficial to you as you are not charged a broker fee!